Replacement parts are still available, please see the parts and manuals page.



[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he S.T.A.R. dispensing mechanism is consistent with Hollrock’s engineering philosophy that simple is better. This unit has only one moving part. The B-21 is fully automatic and can be actuated by numerous payment mechanisms. 3-year parts warranty. Lifetime rust out warranty on ball hopper. Payment acceptance mechanisms carry O.E.M. warranty.



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  •  B-8 Ball Hopper holds 8,000 golf balls.
  • Number of balls per bucket is easily adjusted by increments of 15.
  • Top loading access door actuated by gas spring cylinder and locks securely.
  • Key lock side maintenance door provides access to token/coin box. 30” side clearance required.
  • A 120-ball bucket takes only 8.5 seconds to dispense.
  • One bucket size — any multiple of 15 balls.
  • Maintenance free stainless steel and aluminum interior components.
  • Ball hopper composition resists marring during filling operations.
  • Quality construction allows easy interior cleaning with hose.
  • Ball shooter connection may be added without readjustment or overhaul.
  • 58″ high, 41″ wide, 46″ deep, 335 lbs, 115 Volts, Requires 2.5 amp GFI circuit



Hollrock was the first manufacturer in the world to address the main reason for replacement of Range Ball Dispensers: Ball Storage Hopper RUST OUT! Hollrock has again taken the Quality Leadership role by manufacturing the ball hopper out of 3/8 inch thick Polypropylene. This enables Hollrock to provide its customers with a Lifetime Ball Hopper Rust out Warranty. This plastic hopper is also a critically important feature when Hollrock’s Shooter Systems are used in conjunction with these Dispensers. Balls won’t dent or make excessive noise upon arrival to the units when shooter systems are used.



B-8 Commercial Golf Ball Dispenser

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