Custom Golf Range Netting

Custom Fabricated Netting with Rope Border

Hollrock offers a FREE, properly engineered design service for your golf range, be it an existing facility in need of a face-lift or a new range on the drawing boards. Each net section is custom fabricated for a tight fit without unpleasing net “sail” or “sag.” These conditions actually contribute to accelerated net failure due to chaffing on the poles or guy wires. Polyester netting fabric is used because of its limited-stretch characteristic.

The Installation:

The perimeter rope installation method has proven to be the fastest and least expensive system to install. The suspension method using snaps on the perimeter rope then snapping to the cables takes only a fraction of the time vs. the hog-ring or stable method. For northern climates, disconnect one vertical side and slide the net to one pole and wrap for winter for even longer lasting performance.

The Custom Systems:

Range and Fairway Netting fabricated to ANY height, length and configuration. Double braid rope perimeter border evenly distributes full weight of each netting panel, NO “hog ring” tears or failures. Recommended 50 feet between pole centers gives best performance and validates the warranty. Review full written Warranty contracts before you buy from any supplier.


Custom fabricated to size with rope border. Coated black for UV protection. Limited stretch. 1-1/8″ mesh size.

Two Types of Netting to Choose from: