Commercial Duty Ball Shooter

Patent No. 5,228,168


These ball shooter systems can shoot a continuous stream of balls up to 28,000 per hour. 

The Ball Shooter unit is connected directly to the Hollrock 28K Washer. As balls exit the washer they enter the “Y” pipe were the air pressure immediately shoots them straight up through 2″ flex tubing to the dispenser or anywhere you wish them to go. You can route the tubing around corners or through walls. These systems can shoot a continuous stream of balls up to 28,000 per hour.

By far the most popular and reliable pneumatic Ball Shooter System in the world. With only 2 moving parts, the Commercial Duty Ball Shooter motors are designed to run for 5 years before scheduled maintenance. Adjustable bleed air valves allow variation of ball velocity from washer to dispenser.

There are two Commercial Duty Ball Shooters to choose from. Please refer to the performance chart: The Single Blower Motor Shooter (SCDBS) uses one blower motor and pushes balls from washer through two ball tubes to a dispenser. This unit is ideal for shooting balls through walls or across small rooms in extremely short distances.

The Commercial Duty Ball Shooter (CDBS) uses two blower motors to push balls through two ball tubes. Powerful enough to shoot balls over 30 feet in the air, then gravity down to dispensers many feet away.




Each Blower Motor:

  • Three Phase

  • 208-230/460 vac

  • 13-12/6 amp

  • 5 H.P. (standard)