For the most rugged terrain
In-Line Golf Ball Picker
“S” Series

We pride ourselves in the quality and longevity of our pickers. They are built for rugged conditions and will provide many years of reliable service.

In-Line Picker


Heavier Steel Frame

The rugged In-Line Golf Ball Picker is built for the most demanding terrain. The heavier gauge steel frame gives added strength to our “S” Series Pickers when needed on extra rough conditions demanding unusual stress and strain. Support for the weight is supplied by a separate wheel for each 5-foot section still allowing the discs to float with the ground contour, maximizing picking efficiency. This frame is adaptable to a less expensive pull-behind operation. Ball deflectors between sections gather stray balls even on sharp turns.

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In- Line Picker


Rugged Baskets & Discs

Hollrock pickers come with extremely rugged wire baskets that are plastic coated to protect golf balls. Also available are plastic, roto-molded ball baskets which allow for easy unloading with just one hand.

Hollrock golf ball pickers feature exclusive “bullet-proof” discs. These custom discs are made from polycarbonate – the very same material used for bullet-proof windows.

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2 Year guarantee on Discs & Baskets!

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Roto-molded plastic golf ball picker basket

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The 4 Types of In-Line Pickers

  • 5 Foot In-Line

  • 10 Foot In-Line

  • 10 Foot In-Line with extra steel brace

  • 15 Foot In-Line 

Curious how the In-Line stacks up against our other pickers?

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LIGHT  3.2%

A light and sweet combination of Avada Tangy and the spicy richness of Avada Fury. Best served over ice and garnished with Lime. This beer is brewed with the freshest local hops.


What our customers are saying

“Just a note to thank you for the design and workmanship of a high-quality ball picker. We have used it for over 20 years and no parts or repairs were needed. It even withstood a mishap when an employee hit a hole and the tractor landed on top. The only repair needed was straightening two of the baskets. Again, a very well constructed, well designed ball picker with 20+ years of service and no repairs.”

- Robert Schlabach, Cabin Creek Golf



MEDIUM  4.6%

The superior drinkability of Avada Craft Beer Aroma paired with 100% natural lime flavor. This fresh tangy drink will have you back for more, again and again.




MEDIUM  4.6%

A bold taste with a strong, slightly sweet finish. Once you try one of these craft beers, you’ll never drink anything else. Fury is our strongest specially brewed beers.