Parts List: Range Ball Dispensers


Part #



TOK-4PCBT 4PCBT Tokens (per 100) $75.00
TOK-9 .9 Round Tokens (per 100) $75.00
TOK-DDTML Double D Large Tokens 7/8″x1-1/16″ (per 100) $75.00
TOK-DDTMS Double D Small Tokens 23/32″x15/16″ (per 100) $75.00
TOK-MTD1 MTD1 Tokens (per 100) $75.00
TOK-MTD2 MTD2 Tokens (per 100) $75.00
TOK-MTD3 MTD3 Tokens (per 100) $75.00
TOK-MTD4 MTD4 Tokens (per 100) $75.00
TOK-MTD5 MTD5 Tokens (per 100) $75.00
TOK-MTD6 MTD6 Tokens (per 100) $75.00
TOK-MTD7 MTD7 Tokens (per 100) $75.00
TOK-TEDBEAR Teddy Bear Tokens (per 100) $75.00
MTD1TM MTD1 Token Mech $95.00
MTD2TM MTD2 Token Mech $95.00
MTD3TM MTD3 Token Mech $95.00
MTD4TM MTD4 Token Mech $95.00
MTD5TM MTD5 Token Mech $95.00
MTD6TM MTD6 Token Mech $95.00
MTD7TM MTD7 Token Mech $95.00
4PCBTTM 4PCBT Token Mech $95.00
TEDBEARTM Teddy Bear Token Mech $95.00
DDTMS Double D Small Token Mech $95.00
TOK-9TM .9 Round Token Mech $95.00
BB04 Motor only $140.00
BB10 Token Mechanism Face $29.00
BB10A Toggle Switch for Token Mechanism $18.00
BB11 Stainless steel mounting plate $39.00
BB12 Tamperproof screws – set of 4 – 3/8 x 16 $9.00
BB13 Tamperproof driver bit $5.00
BB14 Security hex wrench $7.50
BB14B Security Screw – 10-32X 5/8″ w/ 5/32 Head $2.00
BB15 Magnetic wheel complete Discontinued
BB22A Drive coupler set $53.35
BB25 Metal shelf boards – set of 4 (lower) $252.00
BB25A Metal shelf boards – set of 2 (upper, type A) $100.00
BB26 Gas spring for lid Discontinued
BB28 Top latch and key $95.00
BB28A Side latch and key $95.00
BB32 Replacement Ball Rails/Center $25.00
BB32L Left End Rail $16.00
BB32R Right End Rail $16.00
BB36 Vibrator motor Discontinued
BB37 Inside Back Plate with Vibrator Mount $69.00
BB38-1T Control box B8 and B21 – single token dip switch style Discontinued
_______________ Trade in old control box for credit – 1 token dip switch style cr. $300.00
BB38-3T Control box B8 and B21 and RH8 and RH21 – 3 token dip switch style Discontinued
_______________ Trade in old control box for credit – 3 token dip switch style cr. $350.00
BB39 Power cord for BB38 $19.00
BB40B Control cable Discontinued
BB41 Magnetic Switch $35.00
BB42A Star wheel – end $13.55
BB42B Star wheel – middle $13.55
BB62 Aluminum coin box Discontinued
BB75 Rail Clips Discontinued
BB76 Rail Spacer Discontinued

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