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We know golf driving range equipment because we use it every day.

The hollrock family has run a full service golf driving range for over 4 decades where our golf driving range equipment is put to the test daily under actual working conditions.

Decades of thorough testing at our own facility enable us to unconditionally guarantee their performance. The experience and perfected testing procedures developed over forty years of supplying quality products to the golf industry, have enabled us to produce for you the finest performing, quality engineered golf ball pickers, golf ball washers and golf ball delivery systems on the market today … without exception.

We use our own Golf Driving Range Equipment on our own Driving Range

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We develop and test our Golf Driving Range Equipment so it’s proven before we sell it

The Hollrock family has been in the golf industry since the early 1970’s

A bit more about how we got our start

The beginning of Rick Hollrock’s interest in the range business dates back to his college days when he worked at a golf course during his summer breaks. “I came home one day and mentioned to my father that I had seen people collecting golf balls by hand from ponds,” says Hollrock. “My Dad suggested I should try my hand at inventing and building some sort of a machine that could do the same,” adds Hollrock. A tinkerer by nature, Hollrock came to realize after building a few prototypes that it was a lot easier to build and then sell these new ‘ball retrieving’ machines than it was to manually extract balls by hand from ponds.