Parts List: Commercial Duty Ball Shooter

Part #DescriptionPrice
BL01Blower Motor – three-phase$1800.00
BL01-1Blower Motor – single phase$1800.00
BL04Exit Chute Divider$35.00
BL05Aluminum Manifold$195.00
BL06Y-Pipe, complete, without strain reflief$145.00
BL08Ball Arrestor Box, complete$450.00
BL09Ball Arrestor Flap$95.00
BL10Ball Valve, 1-1/2″$27.00
BL11Rubber Coupler – 2″ w/ 3 hose clamps$12.00
BL12Hose Clamp for BL11$3.50
BL14Strain Relief Grip$180.00
BL15Inlet Filter, complete$24.00
BL16Relief Valve, complete$50.00
BL19Shooter Nozzle, white$45.00
BL20Nozzle Elbow$7.50
BL21Manifold Mounting Bracket$40.00

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