Parts List: WaterJet 3000 Prewash/Sorter

Part #DescriptionPrice
W01Tank Frame$475.00
W03AAluminum Tank Side Rail – left$70.00
W03BAluminum Tank Side Rail – right$70.00
W04Aluminum Tank Tray complete (2 pieces)$650.00
W05Internal Pump Motor – assembled with switch & cord (includes flexible conduit)$731.00
W05APump Motor Only (internal)$575.00
W05BGFI Switch & Cord – complete with flexible conduit$200.00
W06PVC Pump Nozzle Mounting Tube (color black screws in to pump)$25.00
W07White Reducer Nozzle$65.00
W08APump Motor Tray – Stainless Steal (fits all internal pumps)$65.00
W08BPump Motor Plastic Stand (internal pump only)$55.00
W10Ball Rails$195.00
W11Plexiglas Rail Cover$175.00
W12Exit Tube Assembly complete (Each)$49.00
W12APVC Exit Tube – Gray w/Rail Holes$25.00
W12BFlexible Exit Hose (18″ long)$19.00
W12CPVC Insert for Flexible Exit Hose (1.5″ long)$2.00
W12DPVC Washer Entrance Tube (6″ long)$4.00
W12ERubber Coupler w/hose clamps$6.50
W12FExit Tube Clamp$3.83
W13Washer Entrance Plate w/Fingers (sits on Washer – entrance tubes clamp to it)$55.00
BL12Hose Clamp$3.50
W15Loading Grate with Frame & Legs$595.00
W15ALoading Grate Frame$225.00
W15BLoading Grate$395.00
W15CLoading Grate Frame Legs – pair$65.00
K05Drain Elbow w/plug$46.00
K06Drain Plug w/gasket$8.00

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