Parts List: Scrub Tub Ball Washer

Part #DescriptionPrice
ST01AMotor Mount Enclosure$75.00
ST02Motor, Complete with SwitchColumn 3 Value 2
ST02AMotor Only$225.00
ST03Screws (3) (attaches motor to motor plate)$0.50 ea
ST05Cotter Pin (Stainless Steel) 1/8″ x 1-1/2″ long$1.75
ST06Rubber Bushing (goes in top of brush shaft)$1.50
ST07Brush, Complete with Shaft & Bushings$169.00
ST08Lower Brush Bushing (Bronze) (goes in bottom of shaft)$9.00
ST09Top Cover$50.00
ST10Inner Drum Assembly$495.00
ST11Bottom Pin$39.00
ST12Ring Plate$30.00
ST14Bolts (3) (bolts motor to inner drum assembly)$1.50 ea
LTBall Loading Tray$65.0015
CC18Inner Drum Liner$135.00
K26GFI Switch and Cord$125.00

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