Golf Ball Pre-Wash & Sorter

Patent No. 5,609,173


Bundle this with your Hollrock Commercial Washer for the most efficient washing process!

The Hollrock Golf Ball Pre-Wash & Sorter streamlines the washing process. This machine is designed to work with the 28K, 38K & 56K Hollrock Golf Ball Washers.

Golf balls are first poured onto the sorting grate, allowing the majority of grass & mud to fall through. Golf Balls roll into the pre-soak where the powerful water pump creates a swift swirling agitation. The balls are then shot up to the sorting rails. These stainless sorting rails prevent any severely broken golf balls, debris and rocks from entering the golf ball washer. The intact golf balls roll down the track and are fed directly into the Golf Ball Washer.

The Golf Ball Pre-Wash & Sorter continuously feeds golf balls into the washer, eliminating the need for an attendant. You can unload a full 15ft picker into the Pre-soak tank and let the machine do the rest of the work.

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“The Hollrock Ball soaker stands alone as the single most important tool at a modern day golf range. It has paid for itself many times over  by saving countless man-hours during the ball washing process. Its easy to use and maintain. Our customers are almost always guaranteed a cleaner, newer-looking range ball. A must have for any range!”

– Peter Epperson, Missing Links Driving Range

Golf Ball Washer Presoak

The entire contents of our 15 ft. picker can be handled by this unit so the operator can then drive away and continue the picking process!

Pre-Wash & Sorter Specs

  • Streamline the washing process

  • Sorts out grass, mud & broken golf balls

  • Continuously feeds the golf ball washer

  • 2″ drain for easy flushing of mud & grass

  • Polypropylen tank

  • Steel powder-coated frame

  • 10.5 amps, 115 volts

  • 192 lbs.

  • 1/2 horsepower

  • Storage capacity: 3,000 golf balls

  • Hourly capability: 43,000 golf balls

  • Height of loading grate: 46.5″

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