Back it up!
Reverse Picker
“RZ” Series

We pride ourselves in the quality and longevity of our pickers. They are built for rugged conditions and will provide many years of reliable service.

Reverse Picker

A staggered Configuration that goes in Reverse

The Quick Pick Reverse Picker is a revolutionary design for a staggered configuration picker that can BACK UP! Tight turns and areas normally inaccessible for ball pickers are now possible. The lightweight but strong frame allows any gas powered golf cart to push these units.

Reverse Picker

Rugged Baskets & Discs

Hollrock pickers come with extremely rugged wire baskets that are plastic coated to protect golf balls.

Hollrock golf ball pickers feature exclusive “bullet-proof” discs. These custom discs are made from polycarbonate – the very same material used for bullet-proof windows.

Watch the Reverse Picker in Action

What our customers are saying

“Just a note to thank you for the design and workmanship of a high-quality ball picker. We have used it for over 20 years and no parts or repairs were needed. It even withstood a mishap when an employee hit a hole and the tractor landed on top. The only repair needed was straightening two of the baskets. Again, a very well constructed, well designed ball picker with 20+ years of service and no repairs.”

- Robert Schlabach, Cabin Creek Golf

2 Year guarantee on Discs & Baskets!