24,000 ball capacity per hour
The Country Club Washer
24K Model

It is not uncommon to hear, “I need to wait for my new Hollrock Washer before putting out my new golf balls.”

Patent No. 4,805,251

Country Club Washer

Compact & Convenient

The 24K Country Club Golf Ball Washer is an easy to use, durable washer built for many years of outstanding service. This high-quality golf ball washer puts 24,000 balls back in to play each hour. The virtually indestructible polypropylene tub will eliminate the worry of rust out or leaks.

The internal protective guides convey balls through the washing process, eliminating ball to metal contact that would cause balls to prematurely loose clear coat and paint. During the cleaning process, balls are not just “spun” through the washer. The track configuration allows the balls to change direction and rotational axis multiple times to make sure every surface of the ball is properly cleaned.

Country Club golf ball washer brush

Country Club Washer

Easy Brush Removal

The compact size of this golf ball washer makes for easy storage and the convenient wheels allows the operator to easily and quickly roll the washer to and from where it’s needed. This quality, durable washer is perfect for any small to medium sized range or country club.

The simple to remove brush makes cleaning out debris and broken balls fast and easy.

Watch our Washer in Action!

Country Club Washer Specs

  • 24,000 ball capacity per hour

  • Virtually maintenance free, the brush being the only moving part

  • Plastic guides protect golf balls

  • Accidental rocks and other objects cannot harm inside mechanism

  • Convenient size of 20″ wide and 62″ long

  • Large 2″ drain

  • Approx. 400 loading hopper ball capacity

  • Height of loading hopper is 40.5″

  • Motor: 1/2 HP, 8 amp, 115 volts, GFI

  • 104 lbs



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